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April 14, 2009
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Mmmmm Dessut :U

[link] - Old shittastic one

Yea so, once again, text really not much for reading, but feel free to try, though my hand writing is shit.

So Dessut, why dont i ever draw you clothed?
Truth is im just a lazy fucker, he DOES normally wear more then this, however great the idea of a society of streakers may sound, thrish normally wear robes and wraps that are VERY common on the legs and on the chest like some thrish in my gallery. This is like, some under skirt thing.....and all Matra Thrish wear bannors, tho Dessut's are long cus he is MATRA >:U but you already know that dont you.

Gap in the wings now, shorter ears, and still wears glasses, just when he is older, shorter tail, fixed hair, ya kno, shit like that. Also wraps his hands cus of one of his many styxx related diseases, if he doesnt wrap them tightly, they ache.

Anyway, So i guess ill spew some of that oh so interesting information, gonna be rushed and vague tho. :Y

Dessut is the son of Gemma, who at the time was the Matra of the state. He has like 44 sisters, and really only one that he sees on a regular basis, Dennut. :U When he was 5 he fell into a styxx well, survived for some unknown reason (styxx is highly toxic and normally means death for anyone who has contact with it though i will reveal later why he actually survives) He was pulled out by this fag - [link] who also needs a REVAMPED REF >:U and who was as you can tell, severely burned from the incident. Though it appears he is unaffected by it at first, it is soon clear that he has suffered much more then Kimburlee, the young boy falling incredibly ill only hours after being pulled out. It takes years for him to get anywhere near healthy again, and even when he became stable enough again he was diagnosed with every styxx related disease in the book (not literally, but certainly alot) Growing up his mother had him tested alot and interrogated by TAPS (pack of scientist/torture discipline assholes) Even though out of all her children, Dessut was her "baby", even with that she didnt even treat him that great either. Growing up he made it to Medial Ward, and became cheif Medatone chemist (particularly in Styxx weopon design) Not only this but noticing his skills, his mother being the bitch she is, forced him to take a special division to the cities of the Rumian state where he would carry out terrorist acts (chemically) in the name of the Matra. This is how he meets this homo- [link] who he takes back to the Matra and employs as a Mediatone Forumla writer, or basically his assistant. Long story short, the two become romantically involved (lol and sadistically sexual) and this goes on for a few years. When Gemma finds out she of coarse gets pissed (though not because of the homoness but because shes a bitch and really doesnt like the idea of her son being with someone like Bacardi, cus well, she doesnt like him :'| or anyone really) When she finds out she starts to harass poor Bacardi, threatening him and generally making life incredibly difficult there. After a while, for the better, Bacardi decides to flee the Matra, fearing that Gemma might find some way to have him killed sooner or later, knowing that his death would be a terrible mental blow to Dessut that he couldnt bare to give the chance to happen. When he fled, Gemma felt as though she had been deprived of the joy of getting rid of him herself and sent Dessut to TAPS to be interrogated into telling her were he went, figuring that he was the one who planned to have him snuck out to safety. However, she was not aware that Bacardi had left without even telling him, though Dessut still acted as if he knew. He had been a firm believer that he could have without a doubt protect Bacardi from his mother, which in turn made it impossible for Bacardi to tell him since that would have definitely compromised his chances of leaving. When he left Dessut felt that Bacardi hadnt trusted him, though he felt no resentment toward him despite being tortured for days by his mother. Of anything he felt more heart broken, and later on would meet him in the city again where he would have a less then desirable confrontation. Blah blah, life goes on and eventually Gemma becomes worse and worse, til eventually she goes all pyscho warhappy and decides to launch a massive attack against the North, that would have undoubtedly been one big MASSACRE (deaths predicted to be numerous on both sides) When his mother gives the orders, Dennut, his sister, decides she has had enough. She can no longer stand by why her mother falls to pieces and drags the entire state along with her. She however confronts Dessut about this, and after a bit convinces him that he must do SOMETHING. He goes to his mother, one bad thing leads to another and she attacks him when she thinks that he is there to kill her, which sadly ends in him killing her :C Despite preventing a larger castrophe, and ridding the matra of his mothers corrupt rule, Dessut himself is still effected greatly by killing her, mentally hating the fact that she had given him no other choice. With this he takes over the Matra in his mothers place, yada yada has Bacardi found and brought to the city and HAPPEH REUNION. C:

ANYWAY, thats all ima tell, lots more but dun want to spoil it. AND BELEIVE ME, that was BRIEF :U

STILL LIKES HIS CANNIBALISM. Thats Matra tradition ya kno. Though thats more evident in his later years, when he is much scarier and WARLORD like C:

DESSUT is (c) to me, and should not be reused in any roleplays, websites, blogs, or avatars in anyway.
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Kieraux Oct 6, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Looove the hair. (:
Meredies Oct 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dessut is like the hair god of my characters
just look at those beautiful locks
Kieraux Oct 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
*pets* So gorgeous. :3
Oh, I love your character designs. Totally neat.
Meredies Mar 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well hey thanks :)
ffffffffffffffffffffff dessut.
he is probably one of my ultimate faves of the thrish c:
smooth coloring is smooth :U
but anyways- his story is so awesome. and he is just GORGEOUS fffffffffffffffffff especially thar hairrrr

once again lacebebe you amaze me with your characters. I AM ENVIOUS OF THEM and your skills of course<33333
Meredies Apr 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Lindbeb ;<; Like i was sad that people didnt seem to like this version as much but OHWELL CUS I DO mmm. Hes looks way more serious now, which is really how he is. Hes supposed to be someone who looks very UNCRAZY but yet later in the story he becomes very intimidating and frightening, despite his deceptive look ;DD
ohohohoooo so he's a crazy in disguise. i like that.

and i like this version for that fact- you can't truly tell his real personality : D

Meredies Apr 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IMGLADYOUCAN<333 and hes not actually "crazy" he just becomes a very frightening figure to those outside the states he owns because of how much power he ends up obtaining. Kind of like one of those figures who is seen very highly by his people, and everything he does is pretty much golden to them, while those outside are fearful of him because of that. Some of the things he ends up doing are pretty over the top, yet he is very calm about it and when met in person seems like the last kind of person who would do them. Hes very good at appealing to people, and thats what makes him frightening to people outside. In reality when he believes something is right, you can be sure it will be carried out one way or another, regardless of what must be done to do it, but he tends to have it done in a way that makes it necessary. In the story ill make it hard for people to really be against how he runs things or be for it, they will just be like, "Thats kind of extreme but then again....kind of makes sense" sort of deal. AND OHFFF *BLAB BLAB BLAB*
he seems almost like a hitler of some sort. as in he appeals to people no matter what he says and what not.
i'm always open to listennnn <333333
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