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A gift to my dove to match my ref of Liaka- Lundi's sona Lif - He has had no time to draw anything as of late because of school - so i decided to make a ref for Lif for him as a pickme up gift for doing so well <3 Ilu bb and i can't wait to see you again in January and draw with you and be with you UuU

lif is a Finch gryph c:
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nuggetporn Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student
how lovely
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
:? I must say I don’t quite get the concept, one I keep seeing over an over on all over the Athero art world, and it beg a logical question. Why does a Biped have a Quadruped penis? It lacks a functional reason biologically. Sure these are dog based, but dogs are Quadrupeds, and no Biped male I know of likes to piss straight into the air when they're not drunk :D. So I'd feel sorry for this guy if he had to use a urinal, head have to stand on his head or wash the cealing afterward. :puke:
Meredies Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well if i drew to be anatomically correct i doubt i would be drawing his legs the way i have either! people just do it for fun hun not to be correct- this was the way my dove wanted the character so i drew it as such- - honestly- this is the first time i have drawn a creature with a penis like this- though i imagine they'd piss the same way an animal does- not like a human, because, they arn't human ahha. If your new to my gallery you can look to see any other character with ive displayed with genitalia has the human sort- because those creatures live in a human environment- while Lif and Liaka live in a world nothing really like human life. I put a lot of thought into many things- but pissing? i cant say i really ever spend too much time determining what correctness of it. The thing with this is- there really is so base of comparison here on earth. If there was so to speak. a planet with creatures like this-? i imagine they would have a very different way of doing things (yes including peeing. i could tell you that perhaps they make a urinal made for those standing up-? you never know.) as for it serving no purpose- i cant say the pancreas or the tail bone really makes much sense either, but somehow we humans still have them. They are Left overs- if i were to get technical, i could find a reason for it, as a world builder its kind of my hobby to think of ways the impossible can be made possible. Honestly though- all together- if we are going by the examples of planet earth- this combo ALONE is impossible. (its my point that, your asking how its biologically logical to have a penis like this- while completely missing how biologically illogical it is to have a Bird, combined with a human and dog- ( a finch no doubt, which is smaller then your hand i might add) this honestly is much more crazy then the idea of the penis itself- its impossible, and silly.

All that aside- what im trying to say is- its just for fun! not many people draw furries for them to make sense anyway. Hell- ive seen tits on birds- the penis ALONE doesnt even make sense on a bird like creature, they dont have such genitalia. Its fantasy, remember that!
Fifty-caliber Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Good point, it all boils down to imagination. But I've just always been curious what goes on in the head of an anthro artist when they draw them this way. and your the first one I bothered to ask. Many I'm convinced have an attraction to that sort of art and I admit I find that odd. You however, don’t seem to glorify it in any way, so it seemed more logical to ask you for your thoughs, and not risk getting a weird answer to my understandably weird question. In any case, thanks for the detailed reply. :)
HoshiMoshiJP Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Love this :3
I think you know why i like the winter of Lif mostly XD
Meredies Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i always favor the winter versions, i have a weakness for lots of fur/feathers
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November 4, 2012
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