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February 13, 2011
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Witt Yoseff / Esk Fesser
Emperor of the Greater Baltic, and well in the plot, eventually ex Emperor and brother of Yoko Yoseff ~


So Witt is a Dusted Pheasant Rex, which is currently the pure blood line that has ruled the Baltic for centuries ~ he grows up a cultured life under his mother the Empress Nuka Yoseff - who after losing her husband has gone a bit batty - though she is still quite ok at being a mother at least -

INCEST IS COMMON in the palace and is why peeps have tended to stereo type rexs of any kind as being prone to it - though this is only true in Lilipest Maritime in most cases, that mirror the sort of CAGED lifestyle like Witt and Yoko have always endured. Witt is terribly at odds with women and never feels comfortable around them in a sexual way - because of this he clings to his sister and they UHH - KEEP EACH OTHER SEXUAL COMPANY - ohmy ~

Ok so then in the future in the actual plot some shit goes down and i wont go into too much details because i dont wanna spoil anything - but a Klipper captain who goes by the name of Mr Grey pays the Baltic a visit and seizes it and the palace - Yoko manages to escape and Witt is stabbed, though he miraculously survives his injury and is kept there as a prisoner by Grey. Grey is a bit of a sadistic BUTTHOLE and has Witt tortured and plucked repeatedly for a few months until his feathers eventually lose the ability to grow back correctly (In Rexs, when the feathers are pulled in such a harsh manor over and over again, the pins can be damaged and as a result, feathers may either never grow back there or grow back incorrectly)

Well Nina enentually takes notice to some shady shit Grey is doing now that he has settled himself in the palace - and well, sends Harland to straighten his ass out - why there Harland Terminates Grey and takes his position there for a month or so until they find a replacement - during this time WITT BECOMES LIKE HIS SIDE DISH which makes Reed BIG JEALOUS HO - By now tho Witt is far from what he used to be - he looks completely different, and by extension, his personality has changed to a more timid one - When Harland is ordrered back to his Klipper, He drags Witt with him, And Reed and Witt eventually kind of get super attached to each other -

During this time Witt abandons his name that associated him with being the Emperor and begins to go by Esk Fesser - since he is almost ashamed of how he used to be -

Even after all the shit goes down and Yoko finds him again, she tries to get him to come back and take his place as Emperor but he refuses, finding his more humble, timid lifestyle where no one knew him and he didn't have to be caged like a bird all the time.

ANYONE ENOUGH STORY TIME FOR NOW i probe could talk about him alot more but oh welll :'D

(not rereading this/typo checking this cus im lazy, deal wit the mistakes brothhha)
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Wow! Now this Dusted Pheasant Rex really appeals to me a lot
and I really love him and the way he looks and takes in so many character
build into him.
And his awesome neck and tail is just whoa, Similar to my Kurohisa even though
he was made first but still I never knew you drew him until now.
His colors and design and character is amazingly bringing out my wacky craziness artistic skillz
to learn so many things everyday.

If only I knew how to use digital art but I don't I may have some in my gallery now but
those were all done by a mouse, I never own any tablets or such at all in my life, So the outlines
are traditionally done and the colors are digitally drawn and made.
Sorry if I'm writing too much I apologize Q-Q -Shrugs-
I just really love Witt Yoseff and wish I can somehow or someday draw my own Rex
like him, He is my most favoritest. n.n
I'll shutty up now.
Meredies Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha oh gosh what a lovely comment <33 @u@ but ahh yes i need to redraw him a ref someday soon! but Witt in indeed a pretty Rex indeed- it's a shame dusted rexs are so rare, though i suppose it fits his royal status a bit-
I'm sorry, I'll write a short one next time QwQ; <3
He looks fine the way he is to me, But I understand that
their are a few changes that can be made, Since I always re-draw
mines every year.
And yes, It really does fit his status, I can't wait to see
his new ref. :3
Meredies Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not really changes lmfaooooo- ive gotten better so i just like to redraw refs.
I do dat all the time but sumtimes I like addin
a few new things on my characters .w.

Mostly my Fursona Naraveth.
Meredies Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ya i don't add a lot to any of my characters, their designs are very solid.
I see, Right now I'm still studying your gallery of
Rex and Thrish atm.
I practice sketched a few but still hadn't gotten it right ;w;
Oh btw I have somethin to show you owo
He's absolutely beautiful! I love the red and the green hue in his feathers but he looks so bare without them! It sounds like he's had a terrible past! =(
Meredies Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am needing to do a re ref of him soon- this one is so ollld- thank you! @__@
Hehe~ I look forward to it!
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